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Overnight oats are my new best thing

This morning I had my overnight oats that I made last night for the first time. The mixture looked MUCH better this morning, especially after I threw on a tablespoon of honey and 15 almonds (for a total of 360 calories).

It was more caloric than I normally like my breakfast, but it was SO worth it. It honestly tasted like an oatmeal cookie ice cream combo – two of my most favorite things in the world. I will definitely be making this again. And again. And again.

Today was my first “cheat day.” (I’m eating 1250 calories on weekdays, and 2000 on Friday and Saturday, for a weekly average of 1450.) I decided not to go out tonight, so there were no alcohol calories on the horizon. As a result, I splurged with my eating a little bit.

When I got home from work, I made the saddest single person dinner ever. Don’t judge me. It looked like this:

I call this a “single person” dinner because no self-respecting person would eat this meal in front of another human being. It’s the kind of dinner you eat alone on your couch while watching Law and Order SVU (which I did).

What you’re looking at is a Trader Joe’s brown rice tortilla, with some Daiya dairy-free cheddar shreds, and a handful of turkey pepperoni. All melted in the microwave. (No shame.) It was actually pretty delicious and I had 2 of them, for a total of 600 calories. This “pizza” may not have been hearty by any means, but it looked big and took awhile to eat, which helped me feel satisfied.

In other news, today I ran a mile for the first time since March!

This might not seem like a big deal, especially to all you runners out there, but it’s an accomplishment for me. I feel like I’m getting back in the swing of things. It definitely helped that a beautiful man was running on the treadmill next to me, which discouraged me from stopping after half a mile (which I’ve been doing). Turns out, I had it in me!

Have a good weekend everyone!


Crazies in the kitchen

I don’t like cooking.

I don’t mean that I’m not good at it (which I’m not), or that I’m intimidated by it (which I am), I just truly hate the process.

Not only am I a clumsy disaster (about half of the ingredients end up on the floor), but I’m also completely impatient. Once I spend a good chunk of time preparing something, I enjoy eating it immensely less than if I had said “I’m hungry!” and someone simply gave it to me (think: a restaurant).

Some would say this goes against all logic. Which it probably (definitely) does. But it’s just plain true. Me + the kitchen don’t go together.

That being said, I’m starting to be less stubborn about cooking. I’m spending a lot less time in restaurants, so this magical scenario where someone just gives me what I want to eat shortly after I ask for it is less likely. And I’m getting a little sick of my makeshift meals. There’s only so many times you can eat deli turkey on a low-cal wrap.

Plus, I’ve always wanted to make something from skinnytaste.com.

The creator shares AMAZING recipes, beautifully photographed, and gives the nutrition info for all of it. There’s everything from dessert, to crock-pot family meals, to vegan options. She makes it so easy for dieters, but I’ve been too lazy to try.

Tonight I had a few friends come over for dinner. They offered to cook, but knowing that I was calorie-counting, I wanted to be sure I knew what exactly I was eating…so I volunteered. I made the Turkey Chili Taco Soup. And it was DELICIOUS. Super easy, fairly quick, and totally spaz-friendly. I even have leftovers for lunch tomorrow!

My version didn’t have cheese, obviously. And I had a small 90 calorie wheat roll instead of chips. (This picture above is from the website.) But it was delicious nonetheless. And for only 160 calories a cup, I will definitely be making it again soon.

I’m also trying to expand my breakfast horizons. I’ve been eating oatmeal more and more, and today I discovered recipes for “overnight oats.” For those who aren’t familiar, “overnight oats” are rolled oats put in the fridge overnight in some sort of liquid (usually milk or yogurt). The oats absorb the liquid by morning. Cold oatmeal sounds like it would taste like a dessert (with the right toppings of course), so I decided to try it.

Tonight I put 1/3 cup rolled oats with 2/3 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk and half a sliced banana into the fridge. Right now it looks like this (you’re staring down into the bowl):

Hopefully tomorrow it will be delicious-looking. I’m thinking I’ll add some almonds in the morning. Maybe honey. We’ll see.

Oh, and my new eating plan is going well so far. I’ve eaten 1250 calories for the past 2 days, and went to the gym yesterday. And I’m going again tomorrow.

I got this!

The trouble with weekends

Whenever I start trying to lose weight, I always give up on myself on the weekends. I usually go past my calorie goal, think “screw it, I already messed up,” and then proceed to binge eat whatever’s available. And I mean whatever is available. Think: a box of cereal, a jumbo bag of almonds, beef jerky…you name it, I’ve binged on it. Preferably drunkenly while crying. It’s all pretty picturesque.

Well this weekend I hit a road block again. See, if this is a lifestyle change…and not a temporary diet…I have to be honest with myself. I’m 24 years old, I like to go out to bars, and I’m not going to quit drinking. Am I going to pound eight beers and then pass out in a pile of french fries? No. But I like having a few cocktails with friends on Friday night, and I’m not willing to give that up.

“Why don’t you just factor in alcohol to your daily allotted calories?” Sounds simple enough. Except in that situation, I’m having 3 drinks on 1000 calories of food……I think we know how this ends.

So what’s the solution? I’m not sure yet. I went over my allotted 1400 calories on Friday and Saturday, but I feel okay about it. I didn’t go home and binge. I didn’t give up on myself. And I’m right back on track today…plus I walked two miles, did 45 minutes of cardio, and an hour’s worth of strength training (ow).

So maybe I just won’t worry about it for now. Maybe I deserve a few drinks on the weekends when I’m perfect all week. We’ll see how I progress. If I’m not losing weight, I’ll make some changes. This is a learning process, and I’m just starting to figure it out.

In other news, I went on a beautiful walk by the ocean. It was particularly cloudy and windy, which was a welcome change! I’m getting tired of the sun. :)

And I have a new favorite meal that satisfies my sweet cravings. I call it “banana oat peanut butter honey mash.”

As expected, it’s 1/2 cup oats cooked, 1 tbs honey, 1 tbs natural crunchy peanut butter, and half a banana. Only 360 calories and delicious!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!