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3000 miles away…

I started this blog with the intention of feeling better by the time I traveled to my home town for Thanksgiving (as an initial goal). I certainly don’t weigh as little as I hoped:

I weighed in at 174.6 this morning. Which means I’ve lost 7.1 pounds in 37 days…approximately 1.3 pounds per week. So I definitely haven’t lost as much weight as I wanted to by now.

But I certainly feel better. If my goal was to have more confidence by Thanksgiving, that goal was reached. And I have something else: I have hope.

This is the longest I’ve ever stuck to a “diet” in a very long time. It’s the first time I’ve really¬†messed up and not completely thrown in the towel. I’m looking at things an entirely different way this time around, and it feels good. Just because I have a bad day, or even a bad few days, it doesn’t mean it’s over.

This holiday week certainly has the potential to have quite a few bad days.

Today I was met with my first holiday challenge: the airport. Aka fast food heaven.

I like fast food. A lot. And I like eating it at the airport while waiting for my flight to take off because, let’s face it: it’s a fun and delicious way to kill time.

So (despite knowing it’s not the healthiest but allowing myself to have it anyway) I planned my day around fast food. I planned my eating so I was allotted enough calories for a large lunch. And I planned well! I was able to eat a chicken sandwich and fries…and still come in at under 1250 calories for the day. Not too shabby.

I know the week is only going to get tougher. With Thanksgiving on Thursday, there will be endless treats and meals (and beers) that I know I’ll want to stuff my face with. It will be hard. But I have to remember:

And I’m willing to struggle for this.