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Autumn’s (kind of) in the air

I live in Southern California. I walked outside this morning wearing a knit sweater, and immediately turned back around to change. It was 80 degrees outside.

I’m originally from the east coast. I moved out here over the summer, and summer never really ended. It’s messing with my sense of time. When filling out my rent check this week, I dated it August 1st.

Nope, Kate. Not even close.

That being said, I went for a walk in my neighborhood this weekend and stumbled upon some fall!

These were the first colorful leaves I’ve seen since moving here. Maybe some chilly 60 degree weather will follow? Wishful thinking probably.

My meal choices are also reflecting my need for some colder weather. Last night I made the chicken pot pie soup from SkinnyTaste.com. Chicken pot pie is such a cozy favorite, usually loaded with calories and fat (and guilt).

This version is only 250 calories per serving and still acts as delicious comfort food! I walked to the grocery store to get the ingredients, and then cooked while watching Modern Family on my iPad. It was actually a nice and peaceful evening.

I used almost a cup more frozen veggies than it called for, so my version turned out pretty green. I’ll spare you the gross-looking photo of my finished product, but I swear it still tasted amazing! If you make it correctly, it ends up looking like this (photo linked to recipe):

And by the way, I’m back on track after my Saturday slip-up. I’m still at work right now, but I’m going to the gym right after, and I already have a healthy dinner planned tonight.

If any of you out there have piles of red and orange leaves in your front yard, please jump in them for me!