The happiest of hump days

Hello all.

Guess what?


Not 0.2. Not 0.5. Not any form of any fraction of a pound. TWO.


Two pounds may not be an epic loss, I realize this. But it means that I can do this thing. That my weight loss really isn’t linear. That this is a long learning process, not an exact science. And that if I have one bad week, it doesn’t mean I’m destined to have bad weeks for the rest of my life.

Of course, despite my excitement, there’s a little voice in the back of my head that’s saying: “Yeah, you lost 2 pounds, but you’re still almost 10 pounds heavier than you were a year ago.”

But you know what I say to that voice right now?

I have to remember not to stumble over things that are behind me.
I’ve made mistakes in the past. But I’m working my ass off to make things right.

I may not be there yet, but I’m getting closer!


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