The rule of dairy

I have a love affair with all things milk: ice cream, butter, milk chocolate, cottage cheese, brie cheese, cheddar cheese…well, you see my point. I don’t think I’ve gone a day without eating dairy since 1999. I don’t know how to cook, so I found that if you put cheese on something – anything – it automatically tastes better. So that was my basically my go-to meal for the last 15 years. Cheese + something else.

I was lactose intolerant when I was a baby, but at some point, I started drinking milk again. I thought it was a sensitivity that had just gone away with age. But about a month ago I decided to try to go without dairy again. I hadn’t been feeling my best, and I thought, “why not try it?” And let me tell you…it’s been HARD. All my go-to meals disappeared, and I was starting from scratch. But I have to admit, I have more energy, I feel less sick, and there’s been one another big benefit….

It helps me resist food I don’t need!

Let me demonstrate for you.

This is how things used to go for me:
Someone else: “Hey you, have a cupcake/cookie/sliceofcake/pieceofchocolate!!
Me: No, no thanks.
Someone else: Come on, just one bite!
Me: Ok, one bite.

Cut to me, 20 bites later.

Being dairy free has given me an excuse to avoid all those sweets. Once you tell someone you have an allergy, they don’t ask any more questions. Plus, it forces me not to give in. It’s a rule: I. Can’t. Eat. Dairy. Rule. Knowing that makes it easier to pass by a bake sale or a vending machine full of Snickers bars.

Plus, I may not be able to eat this:

But I can eat this!!

Yup, vegan dessert. Tastes almost (or as) good as regular dessert.
And if I want it, I have to make the conscious decision to go out and buy it, as opposed to just picking at a pile of cookies near me.

So maybe you don’t have an allergy, but making a rule really helps me stick to something. Maybe my next rule will be no coffee….although I don’t see that happening any time soon.

Oh, and PS…I lost 3.1 pounds!

I’m sure it’s mostly water weight (I was particularly bloated at my initial weigh-in), but it’s encouraging none-the-less! So now my official weigh-in day is Wednesday….which is better than Sunday, because the decisions I make Saturday night (think: alcohol) can skew the scale in the morning.

Sigh. Now I’m craving a vegan cupcake.


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